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10:52am 01-05-2012
What a great Idea? I was just going though my face book page saw ur pic clickeed on u and found ur web page...I have aquired brain injury!
9:36am 11-29-2011
da Loon
word fine good fucking luck lol
1:09pm 11-28-2011
all those curse words of course gives you a ten dollar fine each word. Yep I collect it and put in fund for our next party. Love Ya!
1:06pm 11-28-2011
ok got here now to get things in order so I can get immediately.
8:02pm 11-18-2011
Eagle work buddy
Just checking it out Larry
4:05pm 08-25-2011
chat room is down & gone ouch
2:29pm 11-12-2010
the Looney guy
thanks annie can find the home page I'm plucking at
5:45pm 11-03-2010
Kewl idea, Larry!
8:58am 09-03-2010
Can you see me? Anyone? Am I alone here? I don't mind the solitude, I have an active imagination and can entertain myself. It would be pleasant to interact w/ other TBI survivors.
6:44am 03-29-2010
da Loon
Post & leave email blank to see if that's ok then
3:23pm 02-19-2010
Well I'm posting this second entry basically to see where it shows up yup
1:54pm 02-17-2010
ok new guest book one I had here just up & vanished
so redo that shit then
no censororship allowed no fucking way man
freedom of speech is the way it is